Safety & Certifications


Equipment Safety Certifications

All equipment at Ron’s is inspected and serviced after each rental, as we keep our equipment ready to go for both long- and short-term rental, and possibly to remote locations.
We supply top quality equipment that is in good working order when it arrives at the job site.

Our equipment has factory checklist inspections performed at minimum yearly. Ron’s also has some equipment that has undergone Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and is engineer-certified.

OTHER RELATED COSTS | Service, Inspections, Repairs, Parts, etc.

Any non-OEM equipment or options required may incur extra charges. The renter is responsible for these costs as follows:

  • Large diesel equipment – service required every 250 hours
  • Small diesel equipment – service required every 50 hours
  • Small gas equipment – service required every 50 hours

*Service charges apply to overdue services on equipment (by the hour at $3.00/hr)

**Generally repair costs and related parts are the responsibility of the renter.

***Some equipment requires maintenance or testing at set intervals of use. 

****Ron’s offers parts, filters, belts and much more at a very competitive price.

We do our best to work with our customers to reach a fair outcome for repairs on rental equipment. If you have any questions contact our service team.